Seychelles Encounter

The First Of A Series Of 3 Books About Cassie Alexander

Follow Cassie's Relationship Adventures

Cassie has been jilted at the altar!

When she recovers from the initial effects, a new, hardened Cassie emerges. No more deep, lasting relationships for this girl!

To start with, she is still going to enjoy the honeymoon. After all, it was her money that paid for it, so what the hell.

However, events overtake her while on vacation and Cassie is soon enjoying a new sexual awakening - one that will shake her to her core and severely test her new found resolve.

Will she stick to her new relationship rules, or will she succumb to the charms of Jean Paul, her new love, who leads her along a sexual path of discovery?

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K C CallaghanWritten By:

K C Callaghan

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K C Callaghan has published two series of books to date. The first is the Forbidden Circle series in the Erotica genre. The second is the Cassie’s Encounter series in the Erotic Romance genre. Check out the individual titles below.


The Forbidden Circle (Books 1 to 3)

A collection of three erotic stories for women (which men are welcome to read).
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Confessions of a Shared Wife (Book 3)

What begins as Tom getting caught in the act of looking at an online porn site by his wife Tamara, soon develops into both of them looking at the site, causing Tamara to become...
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Educating Amber (Book 2)

When Steve gets chatting to his friend Nick, the subject of swinging is one that often comes up. However, both Amber and Karen, their wives, are against the idea.
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Fun In The Sun (Book 1)

When Lucy and her husband Mike decide to visit a secluded beach on the first day of their Caribbean vacation, neither of them is expecting the sexual adventure that awaits them.
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Final Encounter

Cassie is not a girl to hang around waiting for things to happen. When she wants something she goes all out to get it, using all her feminine wiles and experience.
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Maldives Encounter

When her boss asks Cassie to jet off to the Maldives to find a new location for their Honeymoon Travel Agency, little does she know the heartache it will cause her!
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